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His & Hers Spa Gifts

Making a secret escape to a luxurious spa for an afternoon of enjoyment is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and someone you love. But for many of us, it just isn't practical. So instead, give your loved one something you will both enjoy at home – a spa gift basket for two.

First, indulge in a beautiful new robe that's soft and sensual. Next, set the mood by lighting a lovely candle providing a soft glow and a wonderful, aromatic scent. Next, get steamy. Turn up the heat and the hot water. Steam helps open pores and rejuvenates skin. Use a botanical scrub to gently remove unwanted build up on your skin and reveal fresh, younger more radiant skin. Look for products containing the finest organic ingredients. Close pores and tighten skin with a refreshing refiner, followed by a cool splash of water. It's okay to have a little fun! And don't forget to enjoy something deliciously decadent and good for you. How about fresh, ripe strawberries dipped in dark chocolate?

When you make time for each other and share your love, you'll always have that certain something.