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How do they do it? How do these gorgeous, stylish women dress to the nines without spending a fortune? It's no secret. Just follow my four steps for a fabulous wardrobe on a budget:Step one, review your closet. Plan which items you need to supplement, and which you already have.
Step two, set a budget limit for every season. Choose a reasonable dollar amount you can stick to and invest wisely in your wardrobe. And whenever possible, pay with cash.
Step three, discover your personal style. Know who you are and how you want to dress before you set foot in the department store.
Step four, purchase fashions that fit your lifestyle. Stick to timeless classics and treat yourself to just a few trendy pieces to stay current and cutting edge.Looking and feeling gorgeous is easy and affordable when you know how. Just follow my four steps for a fabulous wardrobe, and you'll always have that certain something.