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They're sexy, a little mysterious and one of the hottest fashion accessories. They're sunglasses. Ancient Chinese judges wore smoke colored lenses to hide their eye expressions in court. Today, we wear sunglasses to look more stylish and savvy chic. When you're shopping for the perfect sunglasses, style is a must have. But, 99 to 100 percent ultraviolet protection is key. Don't assume that because you wear dark lenses, that you're protecting your eyes from the sun. Choose a frame color that enhances your skin tone: warm tones, choose warm color frames-- browns and golds. Cool skin and hair tone—choose cool colors, like blues. What shape is your face? An oval, round, heart, or square. Find a frame that's the opposite of your face shape. If you have angular features, choose a rounded frame. Make sure your eyes are centered in the lenses. Choose lenses that don't distort colors too much. Gray is best, but blues and greens are also great choices. Begin protecting your child's eyes when they're young. The effects of sun damage are cumulative. You don't have to break the bank buying expensive designer sunglasses. Something like these cool shades is available at a convenience store or corner drug store-- just shop wisely. You can have eye protection that's the perfect combination of function and fashion.