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The Perfect Cut: That Certain Something

Are you in a haircut rut? There are a lot of ingredients that go into picking the right haircut. Your face shape, your bone structure, your hair density, lifestyle, and trend choices. So finding the right haircut has more to do with finding the right stylists sometimes. With an oval shaped face, you can wear any kind of haircut, any kind of length, any kind of shape. If you have a long shaped face, the best thing you can do is to try to break up that long line. You can do that a lot of different ways. You can have a swing bang, or you can push the hair away from the face. The things you want to stay away from are a part down the center or really long hair which pulls your face down. If you have a round-shaped face, you want to avoid anything that establishes a lot of weight through that area. With square-shaped faces, with long haircuts especially, you want to have the layers stay long at the chin. And you will want to avoid having bangs that come straight across because this will accentuate a square face. While it's not foolproof, you may find the perfect cut for your face and your "new do" will be red-carpet ready, with that certain something.