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Healthy Beauty Musts: That Certain Something

What's sexy, stylish, and has a fabulous scent? Florida Perry Smith's Top Five Healthy Beauty Musts, of course. Pay attention, ladies. You're about to learn the secrets to looking and feeling fabulous. First, define your signature scent and wear it often. An enchanting aroma defines your style as much as a fabulous outfit or hairstyle. Another must-have—a fabulous pair of sunglasses, of course. They're stylish and they also protect your eyes. Next, accessorize. A distinctive handbag is essential. Change styles every season to keep your look fresh and fabulous. And always enjoy lovely lingerie, whether it's just for relaxing or when you want to make a statement. And of course, the most essential fashion must-have is an absolutely perfect pair of jeans. They're sexy and slimming. When you want to have that certain something, start with my Top Five Fashion Must Haves.