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Age: It's Just a Number

Every decade brings with it new opportunities and new challenges. Your age is just a number, so don't over react as you approach another birthday. Celebrate it, embrace all the wonderful changes in your life, and most important, take control. Here's how...

Be trend-conscious and age-appropriate with how you dress. Always choose clothes that fit, not the size number you think you should be. Go for classic styles you can update with a trendy accessory or two every season.

If your vision isn't quite what it used to be, don't worry. Designer style reading glasses are a creative way to make your look that much more interesting. A cute pair of eyewear says so much about who you are.

Update your look with a new hair style and color. Choose a color that complements your skin tone, and decide if you're better off with single-process or highlights. Consult with your stylist, or choose someone new to help you make that change.

And finally, get in shape! Walk, run, work out, do Pilates or yoga. They're all good for your health and your figure. And for a little extra help, choose form-hugging shape wear to give your curves just the right look.

When you embrace all the wonderful changes in your life, and take control, you'll always have That Certain Something.