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Beauty Detox: That Certain Something

It's a crazy world that we live in. We're over scheduled, overworked, over stressed in a world that's not always all that friendly. We're also fighting pollution, pesticides and the grime of 21st century living. It's no wonder the latest buzz word is detoxification. It simply means cleaning the toxins or all the bad stuff from your body. One of the best ways to get started is by relaxing your mind. You can do this with deep breaths, yoga or even meditation. Try soaking in a hot bath or spending a few minutes in a sauna. Another important step is taking care of your skin. For a simple body scrub, try mixing brown sugar with a little liquid soap. Remove dead skin with a homemade face cleanser. Take a little oatmeal into a piece of cheesecloth and apply it to your face. What you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Keep an eye on your diet. Cut down on caffeine and drink plenty of water; green tea is a good option. Think about adding a multi-vitamin to your daily routine and boosting your intake of vitamin C. Take a few moments for yourself. Go for a massage or put your thoughts down in a journal. You may not be able to control the big bad world outside your door, but with a little thought, you can face it head on with That Certain Something.