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Heels Today, Pain Tomorrow

A new study shows making poor shoe choices early in life may cause severe foot pain later on. In fact, foot and toe pain are among the top reasons adults age 65 to 74 visit their doctor. So what can you do today to prevent foot pain tomorrow?

Whenever possible, choose low-risk athletic and casual sneakers that provide feet firm support and comfort. Make them the shoe you were 80 percent of the time every day. When low-risk shoes just aren't an option go with an average risk shoe, one with a low heel and hard sole. And try to avoid high-risk shoes like heels, sandals and slippers as much as possible. Think about fashion forward footwear the same way you think about dessert. Indulge and enjoy every once in a while, but don't make it a routine.

And the same advice applies to your children. Teach the girls and young women in your life to choose shoes wisely. Fit and comfort over fashion and fierceness every time. When you make smart shoe choices throughout your life, you'll always have "that certain something."