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High Heels: That Certain Something

Whether they're a pair of smashing stilettos, marvelous Manolos, scrumptious sandals, wicked wedges or perfect pumps, those high heels in our closet can be works of art. We love our shoes and we aren't about to give them up. But what are we doing to our feet? Is there any way we can avoid foot problems and still be walking pretty? Women have about four times as many foot problems as men do—mostly due to our shoes. But if we're not giving up our heels, is there anything we could do?  Podiatrist Clifford Greenbaum says, "One thing you could do is try not to wear a heel over an inch and a half. Over that height will cause more severe problems. The height of the heel will cause your center of gravity to be eschewed. It will cause lower back pain, knee pain, and arthritis." Think of your high heels as dessert shoes. Just like you can't have dessert all the time, you can't wear the same high heels all the time. If you wear heels one day, plan on wearing flats the next. Use the weekends as a day of rest for your feet, as well as the rest of you. Think comfort and wear comfortable shoes or no shoes at all. If you do wear high heels to work, consider changing them for the trip home from the office. Even though some foot problems are serious enough to require surgery, most problems can be solved with things like shoe inserts, braces or just wearing the proper shoes. And here is a tip, when you're buying your next pair of shoes, buy them at the end of the day for the best fit. Shoes should feel good when you try them on. Remember, with a little bit of planning, you don't have to give up your pretty shoes.