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If life has you wanting a little luxury, it may be time to indulge. But new shoes will not reduce stress, alleviate depression symptoms or reduce pain. So why not skip the mall, head home or to a spa for a massage. Consumers visit massage therapists one-hundred-fourteen million times each year. But a basic spa massage runs from about $50 per half hour to about $300 for an hour and twenty minutes. You can see why a lot of people are choosing a cheaper and more romantic alternative. A new study found 84 percent of couples surveyed got a massage from their partner in the past year. Besides the intimate reasons, there are plenty of medical benefits from a good rub. Massage increases circulation allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. It also stimulates the lymph system, the body's natural defense. And massages are incredibly convenient. They can be given practically anywhere - a 15 minute shoulder massage sitting in a chair to an hour long head-to-toe massage on a padded table. Let us face it, massages are relaxing. Soothing hands release endorphins and force you to stop the hectic pace you usually keep. So sit still. Feel pampered and appreciate that certain something.