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+ Fabulous Nails: That Certain Something

Pretty Feet: That Certain Something

Lips can be luscious, shoulders sexy, the eyes have it. But somehow when you think of beautiful body parts, your feet just don't come out on top. But with some extra special attention, and a little color and flare, you can have feet just as pretty as the rest of you. Moisturize your feet every week by applying a generous amount of lotion. Gently massaging it in, covering the entire foot. Remember to keep your nails short, but not too short. Just like your fingers, the cuticles on your toes need attention too. Try hot pinks and orangey reds in the summer. Steely ice blues and opalescent pearls in the winter. How about vibrant orange and deep red in the fall? And of course soft pastels in the springtime. Go ahead, kick up your heels, show off your toes and give your feet That Certain Something they deserve.