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Got Five? Look Fabulous

It's really challenging for moms on the go to get ready in the morning, so here are some very easy steps to achieve a nice polished look in under 5 minutes using Neutrogena products. Use the 3-1 concealer – it's one of the easiest concealers to use when you're in a rush. Just dab a little bit of concealer just to freshen up the area around the eyes and cut down on dark circles. Next step, pick up your powder. This can go all over the skin, or just where you need it. So, wherever there is a kind of unevenness, you can add the mineral sheer compact foundation. It gives a nice smooth look to the skin without looking too cakey and powdery. A compact foundation tends to go a little more matte, or flat on the skin, so you want to put back the tone. Use mineral sheer blush, putting it on the apple of the check and blending towards the ear. If there's only thing that you can do for the eyes since you're pressed for time, use a volumizing mascara, which nourishes the lashes as well as amplifies them. And the last step for the girl on the go is a soft sheer lip color. You can go into a brighter shade, but choose a sheer color that way you don't have to maintain it too much and don't have to be precise.