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Latest & Greatest Cosmetic Trends: That Certain Something

Have you found yourself saying "there must be something better than heavy, obvious, sometimes breakout-causing makeup" or "can't they make cosmetics that would actually be good for your? Is that too much to ask?" Well, we're more health conscious than ever and now more health-related ideas are making their way into the cosmetics aisles.  Manufacturers look for ways to provide products that don't just look and feel good, but are also good for you. Have you heard of mineral makeup?  It's a trend that was born out of consumer demand for healthy beauty. Mineral makeup products are gentler, and they're free of ingredients such as talc, oil and fragrance. Many dermatologists and aestheticians recommend mineral makeup to their patients and clients, and some sell mineral makeup lines in their offices and spas. If you have sensitive skin and aren't quite ready to go au natural, the lighter, purer mineral makeup may be just what you need. We've never had so many choices.  New brands, new benefits, and new ways to make your skin look clear and even, your lips shiny, your cheeks glowing, and your eyes bright to give you That Certain Something.