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It's pandemonium back stage – models, designers, make up and hair artists. But there's one thing they all have in common. A desire to help women lower their risk for heart disease by keeping their heart healthy!

Florida: What do you do every day to prevent heart disease?

Kimora Lee Simmons: It's all about taking care of yourself and eating right and talking to your doctor and being aware. And as women, we are the largest group that's impacted by heart disease and I don't think we take enough time to take care of ourselves.

Kim Kardashian: I work out all the time which I think definitely helps and just try and eat as good as you can.

Regina King: Exercising, that makes a big difference for people of color you gotta stop eating the fried food. And I know I love it – you fry it, I'll probably try it, but it's the worst for you.

Thank you so much ladies for that great advice. When you reduce your heart disease risk today, tomorrow and every day, you'll always have that certain something.