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Dark Colored Clothes Provide More Sun Protection

Limiting direct sun exposure to no more than three hours per day is a great place to start your summer. But come on? When there's this much fun to have, who wants to stay indoors? So instead, just follow this sensible advice.

First, use sunscreen and plenty of it. Research shows we use way less than we should and don't reapply as often as we should. Apply no less than one ounce – about the size of a half dollar – in the palm of your hand. And reapply at least every two hours. Choose products that contain sun protection factor of 30 or higher. Also look for products that contain antioxidants to help reduce formation of damaging radicals.

Next, if at all possible, stay out of the sun between the hours of 10 and four when the sun's UVA aging rays and UVB burning rays are most intense. And sun protection can also be fashionable. According to a recent study from Spain, dark colors in cotton fabrics provide better protection against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays than lighter tones. So think blue or red instead of yellow or white and choose tightly woven fabrics over loose knits. And choose swimwear that's darker in color and don't forget a matching cover-up. It can make a huge difference and you can enjoy being outdoors longer and with fewer worries all summer long. Isn't that what this time of year is all about? Choose your summer fashions wisely, and you'll always have "that certain something".