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Fab Lashes: That Certain Something

Fabulous lashes are easy when you know how. Here's Hollywood makeup stylist Keith Crary and Leeza Gibbons with their secrets for glamorous, gorgeous lashes. "We're now behind the scenes here at Health Corner. We thought we would show you our secrets. And one of our biggest beauty weapons is Keith Crary," says Leeza. "Nowadays a lot of eye shadow isn't in style. So what you want to do is smoke your eyes, add a lot of lashes. You'll get a glamorous look, a beautiful look all achieved with a few easy steps. Start by laying your mediums side by side till you get to about the middle of the eye. Then you want to switch to the short lashes and put them going toward the inner corner of the eye. Try it," says Keith. Whether you want your lashes to look true or false, just follow Keith Crary's inside Hollywood advice and you'll always have that certain something.