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Fab Fall: Makeup Tips

A lot of times going from summer to fall, you lose a lot of color and luster on the skin -- you want to bring that color back. So use a color that evens out your tone without covering too much of the skin. A good product to use is mineral sheer makeup. Start with blending the makeup from your hand to the brush so it's evenly distributed on the brush and then applying it on the face and then blending it with your fingers to make sure the foundation is blended seamless. This step is one of the most important steps to make the skin look absolutely beautiful. Concealer is what you use to cover any flaws, dark circles or sun damage. You want to choose a concealer color that is closest to your skin, apply lightly and precisely where you need. Once the skin tone is even and basically the palate is done, you want to bring back tone to the skin. Healthy skin blends have many different colors in it so you can blend in the light and the dark. Then, use the side of the brush and put the color right on the apple of the cheek and blend it outwards, kind of moving the brush itself, sliding it along the skin. For the eyes, use the duos that are minerals, it also has a very silky look to it. Start along the root of the lashes, especially with the darker color and you blend and fade as you go up. Then, use the healthy volume mascara for your lashes. The best way to apply the mascara is to wiggle the brush at the root and quickly work to the tips. A lip color that has a beige brown base to it works well -- it's very sheer and very easy to use. It's very appropriate for the fall, since it gives enough color to the lips without looking like you heavy lipstick on. Follow these Fall Makeup Tips, and you'll always have that Certain Something.