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The Skin You're In: Flawless

Radiant. Perfect. Absolutely flawless. How did these beautiful women get such gorgeous skin? Just lucky? Of course not. The secret to perfect skin isn't in your genes, it's knowing your skin type, and choosing products that work best for you. For dry, flaky skin, start from the inside out. Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Take short baths or showers and use warm rather than hot water. Pat skin, don't rub. And while you're still a little dewy, apply a quality moisturizer with sunscreen. If you have oily skin, gently wash your face two or three times daily with a mild cleanser. And here's a great tip -- carry a pre-moistened cleansing pad for quick touch-ups. Non-comedogenic products work best-- they're oil-free and won't clog pores. For combination skin, go for balance. Use a soothing foaming cleanser in the morning. Go with a creamy cleanser at night. And remember, your entire face needs moisture. So apply moisturizers more often to dry areas, and just once a day to oily ones. And if you're lucky enough to have normal skin, cleanse with a mild soap daily, and apply a light creamy moisturizer. Now that you know the secret to gorgeous runway model skin, you'll always have That Certain Something.