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Eco Chic: Green & Fab

Are you going green? Health Corner attended the Eco Chic fashion event in New York to find out just how easy and fabulous reducing your carbon footprint can be. Tamara Tunie of Law & Order: SVU described it this way: "To be ecochic is just to be conscious about your environment and how you are impacting it with what you wear." Frequent Health Corner guest Matin said, "Eco Chic is the woman who is well-traveled, socially conscious, understanding fashion and she cares about what she puts on her face, what she wears and how she wears it -- all of that plays a role in how she lives her life." Olesya Rulin from High School Musical noted, "What I do to stay green is I make sure I take my reusable grocery bags, I throw them in the trunk of my car, that way when I do go to the grocery store, I don't have an excuse: 'oh shoot I forgot a bag'." See what Olesya Rulin, Dareen Moore, Mark Indelicato, Patti Hansen Richards, Susie Castillo, Lauren Hutton and others have to say too -- because when you know Eco Chic, you know you have That Certain Something.