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Special Care: Diabetes & Skin

Diabetes can affect almost every part of the body, including the skin. Skin conditions affect up to a third of all people who have diabetes. Good skin care is especially important for diabetics because of increased risk for infections. Maintaining a good skin barrier to prevent infections by bacteria and fungal organisms would be especially important for patients with diabetes. What's the best way to do this? Step one: Clean and Dry. Use a gentle cleanser with luke warm water to clean your skin. Afterwards, making sure to thoroughly dry your skin can help prevent infections. Second: Hydrate. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizing lotion or cream. Some lotions are especially appropriate. Look for oat essence formulas with shea butter extract – it helps relieve and soothe itchy, dry skin, and locks in moisture. And third: Check and Treat. Check your skin each and every day for cracks. If you treat any problem right away, it helps prevent infection. You can do it all, and have it all. Take good care of yourself and your diabetes, and you'll always have that certain something.