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Clinton Kelly: Style Essentials

When it comes to looking and feeling fabulous, how you dress has an enormous impact. There are three main components to style: fit, proportion and appropriateness. And if you can master those three ideas, then you can have great style. You have to learn how clothes fit on your body. If you are wearing a four thousand dollar Prada suit that's too tight you are going to look like a stuffed sausage. If it's too big, you look slumpy and dumpy. So you have to make sure your clothes are fitting your frame correctly. The other aspect is proportion. You have to get what proportion means -- if you have a larger frame you should be doing prints and accessories that are larger, in keeping with your frame. If you have a smaller frame, you want to do prints that are slightly smaller, so they don't overwhelm you. And the last is appropriateness. And basically what I mean by this is you can be amazing looking in a white dress that fits you perfectly and all your accessories are perfect. But if you wear that to a wedding, you don't have style because it is inappropriate to wear that to a wedding.