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Got Curves? Shapely Advice

A woman's curvaceous shape has inspired artists for centuries. And many movie stars are better known for their hourglass shape than their acting. So, if you got 'em, flaunt 'em, ladies. But even the shapeliest women need a little help to control their curves now and then. So here's a little advice: first, get fit! A trim waist, toned thighs and firm buttocks are key to looking fabulous in everything you wear. Walking, biking and targeted exercises are essential. Plus, you'll feel great and enjoy the health benefits of being fit. Now that you have the shape, let's talk about the fit. Let's start with shape wear. It's comfy enough to wear all day and offers different levels of control, from sexy and smooth, to completely sucked in. Once you have your perfect silhouette with the shape wear, don't hide it under baggy clothes – wear fitted garments that hang larger! Clothes that hint at your curves without being too clingy are extremely flattering. Don't go for outfits that are too tight. Your clothes should hug, not squeeze. So don't hide those sexy curves – flaunt them, and you'll always have that certain something.