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Dare to Go Bare: Skin Essentials

Now that summer's here it's time to bare your skin. Be ready with this four-point summer skin makeover!

First, exfoliate to get rid of dry, dull skin. Use a loofah, buff puff or microdermabrasion cream. But don't over do it. No more than three times a week will make your skin silky smooth.

Remove unwanted hair. Start now so when bare skin season is in full swing, you'll experience less growth, making it a breeze to keep your skin soft and smooth all summer long.

Next, moisturize. If your winter skin is only a little dry, use a liquid moisturizer. For very dry skin, use cream. Try a tinted moisturizer for a healthy bronze glow.

And finally, don't forget your feet! Use a skin peel product to remove calluses and scales, and get a pre-summer pedicure. Then treat yourself to a new pair of trendy summer sandals!