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Adult Skin Care: No More Acne

There are a number of things most of us were happy to leave behind in the teen years, like braces and peer pressure. But what if a problem of your teen years – like acne – follows you into adulthood?

About half of all adult women experience breakouts ranging from mild redness or irritation, to major blemishes and inflammation. The good news is adult acne is rare after age 45. But until then, what should you do? The key is prevention. So keep your skin clean, but don't over do it. Use a mild cleanser, pat your face dry gently, and never clean your face more than twice a day. Use only warm water because hot water can be drying. Wash for just a minute or so, and use you hands instead of a rough cloth to prevent redness and irritation.

Choose acne system products that help prevent and treat outbreaks. Some systems can have side effects that make skin look and feel flaky, dry and irritated. Look for ones that contain a cleanser, acne control lotion with benzoyl peroxide, and oil free SPF 15 lotion to calm and protect acne prone skin.

When you follow this healthy skin routine for preventing and eliminating adult acne, you'll always have That Certain Something.