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Bright & Bold: The Eyes Have It

Too much work? Too much fun? Not enough sleep? They all cause puffy, tired-looking eyes. Everyone needs a little help with puffy tired eyes now and then. So what works best?

The best cure is avoiding the causes -- primarily fluid retention from too much salt and alcohol. So, limit your alcohol intake, and reduce the amount of sodium you consume the next day. This naturally pulls water out of the eye area.

Cucumbers over your eyes cool and reduce swelling. You can also use a slice of a raw potato for the same effect. Leave it there for at least 15 minutes while you rest in a dark, quiet room.

Tea bags are also effective. Choose ones that have already been used, and place them over the eyes while resting. Tea contains a natural element called tannin which quickly reduces swelling.

To reduce eyelid droopiness, look for products that contain glycerin. They give eyelids a visibly lifted look, and also reduce under-eye puffiness.