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Beauty Around the Globe

Every woman is a unique combination of features. And how you play them up can really make a difference. Which features do you think are your most attractive? Your eyes? Lips? Cheek bones? We have heredity to thank for our natural beauty. But there are techniques every woman can use to bring out her very best.

To make eyes "pop" use an eyeliner pencil in a neutral color, like dark brown or navy blue, and "dot" along the upper inner eyelids and lower lash line. When applying mascara, use dark brown or soft black and apply an extra coat in the center of the upper lashes and one coat on the lower lashes.

To get the most of your highlights, intensify the shadow on the brush and pat your brow bone.

To bring attention to your cheeks, after applying blush, add one or two dots of highlighting cream or lightly brush shadow on the tops of your cheekbones and blend toward the hairline. You can also use a bronzer and apply in the same manner.

For full, gorgeous lips, brush on your favorite lip color then outline with a coordinating lip pencil. Finally, to get that bee-stung look, dot a clear colored lip-gloss with a lip brush in the middle of the lower lip, which will both capture and reflect light.

When you use these simple tips to make the most of your natural beauty, you'll always have that certain something.