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Summer Skin: And the Living's Easy

There's nothing like the lovely summer glow of gorgeous skin that's well cared for. So what does it take to get it? Simple, just follow my easy to remember steps.

For women who have dry skin, summer's the time your skin naturally looks best. So keep it clean, simple and light. Choose cosmetics that give you just enough coverage for that flawless matte look. For oily skin, use a soap-free cleanser and finish with a few swipes of an alcohol-free toner. You'll take off makeup and dirt, but won't strip away oils or cause irritation.

Exfoliation, important in warmer weather when you reveal more skin, can easily be overdone, so be careful. Scrubs, sea sponges and loofahs are fine for elbows, knees and heels, but keep them away from your face.

If you use moisturizer every day, your skin may benefit from a lighter, oil-free formula in the summer. Most oil-free moisturizers contain silicone or glycerin-based ingredients that provide moisture without feeling heavy or clogging pores.

Use a dual-purpose product like an SPF moisturizer. If you don't need moisturizer, use foundation with an SPF. And if you like foundation, but prefer lighter coverage try a tinted moisturizer.

Be gentle and kind to your skin this summer, and you'll always have "that certain something."